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WEF Brokerage Specialists, LLC (WEF) is a full service, independent brokerage insurance agency that specializes in offering a ONE STOP insurance platform that provides financial solutions for all types of financial risks. Our highly motivated professionals offer owners, tenants, and investors a discrete, second opinion service on their current risk protection programs. This discrete, second opinion service enables our clients to judge for themselves if they are paying too much for their current coverage, have adequate coverage or have correct coverage to meet their current risk exposures

Current Situation-Commercial Insurance
For example, today’s commercial insurance and employee benefits represent some of the largest single expenditures for most companies other than payroll, taxes and debt service. Reducing these expenses is key to success in today’s challenging commercial real estate market. A 10% reduction to a company’s $1 million insurance expense is now a meaningful amount for many clients during this economic down turn. We at WEF specialize in reducing all forms of business insurance expenses. Get a discrete, second opinion today from our highly motivated and expert professional insurance team and see for yourself the difference. 

Current Situation-Title Insurance
Most owner-clients pay little attention to title insurance. At WEF we take title insurance very seriously. From the title review that is conducted by our attorneys to the issuing of a title policy, we provide fast and accurate results to clear an owner’s title so their settlement is not delayed. In addition WEF has access to the top Title Companies in the US to satisfy the requirements of your most discriminating lenders and investors.

The WEF - Advantage
Being a full service ONE STOP, independent brokerage insurance agency makes it easy to fulfill all of your insurance needs with one call. For example, when purchasing a building with a mortgage, the owner will generally need a title policy, a liability policy and a property policy at settlement. At WEF we can provide the owner with all of these policies with one phone call.  Keeping things simple and easy is our commitment to our clients at WEF. 

Having access to over 100 insurance companies assures that our one-stop platform will provide the right coverage at the right price.

We provide VIP service to our clients by having well trained, seasoned professionals managing your accounts.

WEF acts as an insurance broker not an agent. An agent represents only one company and the agent's loyalty is to that company. A broker's loyalty is to you, our client, and we have access to over 100 companies.
WEF Professionals have over 100 years of combined insurance experience, our staff of insurance professionals, attorneys, and accountants serve our owners, tenants and investors. WEF is a full service, independent insurance agency that specializes in providing ONE STOP insurance solutions for all types of risks. Through this platform we provide easy access to all forms of insurance to meet the needs of the owners, tenants and investors. By providing a discrete, second opinion approach, our clients can judge for themselves and see if they are paying too much for their current coverage, have adequate coverage or have the correct coverage to meet their current risk exposures. For more information please call 732-784-1813.. 

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Over 100 years of combined Insurance experience.

Business Insurance for all of your business needs.

Personal insurance for families and individuals

With over 100 companies to select from we can get your the most cost effective solution for your needs

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